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Located in one of Queenstown’s last green spaces on the edge of pretty Horne Creek, Creeksyde is much more than just a campground. It’s a labour of love for the Spijkerbosch family, friends, and staff from all over the world who’ve spent more than 35 years creating a holiday park where nature, comfort and creativity come together.

The park you see today was changed a great deal over the last three decades. Originally an old plant nursery, Erna and Tonnie Spijkerbosch opened Creeksyde in 1987 and have gradually landscaped and regenerated the grounds to create the tranquil park and gardens you see today.

Amongst exotic and native trees species are Wellingtonia, Kohwahi, Cabbage Tree, Broad leaf, Rata, Blue Spruce and Liquid Amber. Colourful rhododendrons and camelias create a food-rich sanctuary for birds including tui, waxeye and bellbird. The clear waters of Horne Creek are a haven for friendly ducks and a spawning ground for salmon and trout.

A love of art, creativity, and local heritage are shared through Creeksyde’s thoughtfully crafted buildings, garden sculptures, and murals.

Enjoy your evening meal al fresco at the Tapas BBQ area with its tractor seats and fence of made of faucets and radiators. Enjoy the optical illusions of the fabulous "Trompe-l’oeil" art inside the Oast House ablution block, built with timbers salvaged from an historic brewery. See if you can find the super-sized spiderweb spun from a hemp cargo net, home to a giant spider fashioned from a vintage hay scoop!