The Earth provides for our needs not our greeds

Our sustainability journey started simply – repurposing the property’s original buildings and recycling everything we could, as well as keeping everything clean with good old baking soda & vinegar and towels past their best. You could have called us old-fashioned. Now you might call us ahead of the curve!

Creeksyde was the first holiday park in the world to be certified under EarthCheck
, which was known as Green Globe when we received our award way back in 2004. In 2018 we earned their highest certification, EarthCheck Master, making us the only New Zealand business to achievement this and just one of just 15 across the globe at that time.

Achieving this has taken way more than ticking boxes. Our environmental care relies on commitment, consistency and innovation – and rooted in old-fashioned values of reduce, reuse, repurpose.

Care for the environment has been at the heart of our holiday park business ever since we welcomed our first guests. More than 30 years later, we’re proud to be a leader in sustainable accommodation – not just in New Zealand but the world.

Accommodation & Facilities

Creeksyde’s accommodation and other facilities have been carefully built and maintained. Taking good care of everything in the park is fundamental to our green philosophy, saving us from building or buying new and therefore using more of the planet’s precious resources.


Cleaning is done with white vinegar and baking soda rather than harmful chemical cleaners, while cleaning cloths are made from old bath towels and used many times over before being retired.

If you can measure it

We believe that if you can measure it, you can manage it! We monitor everything we use and produce – water, waste, electricity, cleaning products and more. This information is essential to management, planning and continual improvement.


Creeksyde’s gardens are weeded, not sprayed. We just get stuck in with hand-weeding or use good old-fashioned 4% vinegar or baking soda.

Energy use

Energy use is really important to us. The first solar hot-water heating was installed when the main office building was built in 1987 Today, we have solar hot water in all but one block in the park, while two banks of photovoltaic panels generate more power than we use and can sell surplus back to the grid.

Waste reduction

We’re serious about waste reduction. From recycling stations for guests, newspaper bags for compostable kitchen scraps, and a filtered water-fill station for BYO drink bottles – we’re committed to reducing landfill from our park and our guests.

Room Servicing

We service rooms when our guests request it. This avoids unnecessary laundry, which uses water and detergent, and produces harmful microfibres. It also offers time savings that we can dedicate to other tasks.

Keeping it local

Locally and sustainably produced goods are used wherever possible. We also prioritise cardboard over plastic packaging for consumables such as toilet paper. We even gather empty toilet rolls to be used as fire starters (at another location).