About Creeksyde

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde

Creeksyde is much more than a place to stay. It’s a welcoming, peaceful holiday park where nature, people, and creativity come together – close to the heart of central Queenstown.

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde opened in 1987 by Erna and Tonnie Spijkerbosch. Since then, they have grown their business while keeping environmental sustainability at the heart of everything they do.

Set along pretty Horne Creek, Creeksyde is located in one of Queenstown’s last green spaces, the site of an old plant nursery now flourishing with mature gardens and birdlife. Lovers of art, craftsmanship, and heritage will be wowed by our buildings and other amenities, lovingly created from repurposed materials.

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The World’s first environmentally certified holiday park achieves Masters!

Creeksyde has been environmentally aware since inception. In 2018 we became the first property in New Zealand, and one of only 15 in the world, to achieve EarthCheck's highest accolade of Master Certification for our 15 years' commitment to implementing world-class green initiatives.

What is EarthCheck?

EarthCheck Certified is a program delivered by EC3 Global and is considered to be the world’s most credible environmental benchmarking and certification program (social, environmental and financial) for the travel and tourism sector.

Environmental and Social Sustainability Policy

Queenstown Holiday Park & Motels Creeksyde is committed to promoting environmental awareness and continually improving our own environmental performance as an integral part of our business strategy. We actively encourage all guests and suppliers to do the same.

Creeksyde has been environmentally aware since inception. We offer some 85 campervan, caravan and tent sites and 23 accommodation options, ranging from a simple bedroom to a 2 bedroom Motel Apartment. The overall park area was designed with an aim to provide as pleasant, green, and relaxing an area as possible within the inner urban confines of an alpine tourist destination.

All employees have a responsibility to ensure that the aims and objectives of this policy are met.

Policy Aims:

  • To maintain a safe working environment.
  • To educate and instruct all employees in the environmental philosophy of the premises.
  • To provide all staff with a living wage and employ locally domiciled persons wherever possible.
  • To give preference to local suppliers and service providers under our Purchasing Policy.
  • To adhere to fair trade principles in purchasing decisions.
  • To comply with all relevant legislative requirements and aim to exceed best practice.
  • To adhere to all EarthCheck benchmark and certification requirements, aiming to maintain or improve status.
  • To regularly monitor use of energy and water and continually aim to reduce.
  • To monitor and reduce production of waste and divert from landfill wherever possible.
  • To encourage guests to think about what they buy and then to divide any waste into our recycling bins.
  • To support local community groups and causes that share environmental and social philosophies.
  • To submit to local authority regarding upgrades of local parks and town planning.
  • To respect our guests' national differences and promote our own ethos.
  • To nurture our green belt and streetscapes.
  • To use environmentally friendly products whenever possible.
  • To ensure all staff and suppliers are aware of our policies when sourcing products.
  • To educate guests wherever possible on the benefits and responsibilities of environmental awareness.

Creeksyde plans to be involved with EarthCheck indefinitely and to use the annual process as guidance for improving results.